Our Unique Beach Umbrellas

Our Unique Beach Umbrellas

All Things Beach co umbrellas have been carefully designed to be as easy as possible to assemble.

The ergonomic screw handle fits into the stem of the umbrella & allows effortless 'twist to secure' action getting the umbrella from boot to beach before you can say "where are my sunnies?"


Dig a hole at least 35cm deep in the sand.

Take the umbrella out from its carry bag, untie and unfold. 

Place pole into the screw. Pat down sand and ensure umbrella is feeling secure. The tilt system simply needs to be tightened once you have your designated tilt.

To angle the canopy, hold on to the upper pole before unlocking the hinge. To unlock the hinge, turn the dial anti-clockwise as far as possible. Let the upper pole rotate to the desired position. It is recommended to not exceed an angle of 45 degrees.

Always try to tilt the umbrella into the wind as this will minimise the chance of it lifting out of the sand.

To lock the hinge, rotate the dial clockwise until the vertical grip is parallel to the lower pole. The umbrella hinge should feel easy to lock and unlock. If jammed, do not force the hinge to close as it may cause damage.

Taking an umbrella to the beach is your responsibility. In gusty conditions we recommend lowering the umbrella to prevent any risk of it flying away. 

When finished with your umbrella please ensure that it is dry and sand is removed before putting the folded umbrella back into the carry bag.

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